REACH Your Best Health in Inkster, MI

INKSTER (48141)

Through the REACH project, the NKFM partners with community organizations and stakeholders to improve policies, systems, and environmental conditions that impact health, particularly among African Americans and Latinx populations, who experience disproportionate risk of chronic diseases and socioeconomic disparities. The strategies the NKFM is focusing on to bring impact to these communities are Nutrition, Physical Activity, Breastfeeding, and Community Clinical Linkages.

In October 2019, the NKFM collected data about the three communities and where they are with the focused strategies. Below is a comprehensive snapshot about Inkster, Michigan.

Inkster has a population of 25,366 people, with 71.6% African American and 2.9% Hispanic American. More than 33% of individuals living in Inkster live below poverty.

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  • Total % Diabetes


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There are several key players that are involved in Inkster: the Inkster Task Force, Feeding Inkster, City of Inkster, Western Wayne Family Health Center, Dozier Recreation Center, Starfish Family Services, and American International Academy.

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Inkster currently has seven community gardens, including gardens at schools and a children’s garden. There are also two master gardeners and 4-H program in Inkster. The city is in the process of developing a Farmer’s Market, but it has been pushed to 2021 because of the COVID-19 crisis. It’s noted that there is room for improvement at restaurants in Inkster, because most do not offer healthy options on their menus.

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Physical Activity:

Inkster would like to implement a complete streets ordinance as part of the master plan. Community members are unaware of strategies the city is making to improve walkability, bikeability, and ADA compliance. Community members are also unaware of the city’s efforts to improve and encourage physical activity and nutrition at their locations. Dozier Recreation Center is a community hub, but needs additional resources. In Inkster, there are also limited bus routes.

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Inkster residents trust health professionals and other moms for breastfeeding information. There is room for improvement at clinics, worksites and in the public to promote breastfeeding and the right to breastfeed in public.

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Community Clinical Linkages:

There are existing linkages between Western Wayne Family Health Center and community services, such as chronic disease self-management programs; education strategies on chronic disease and preventive care; referral systems between health care facilities and community-based resources; and routine follow-up counseling, education, screening, and patient adherence plans from health care facilities. There is a Diabetes Support Group at Western Wayne Family Health Clinic (WWFHC). But, more needs to be done to engage new communities or promote the existing infrastructure.

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