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NKFM REACH receives Flu Vaccine Supplement

September 2020

In September of 2020, the National Kidney Foundation of Michigan REACH team received additional funding to promote the importance of receiving the flu vaccine in Western Wayne County. In an effort to reduce racial health disparities in flu vaccine uptake, CDC’s Immunization Division approached REACH grantees to apply for targeted 1-year funding to promote the flu shot.

The need for the flu shot will be greater this year to reduce co-occurring disease with COVID-19 and the impact on the health care system with both the pandemic and flu season occurring at the same time. Non-profits such as the NKFM that are trusted, resourced, and health-focused play an important role in sharing the importance of vaccination as a community norm through facts and community-level narratives.

The funding will provide a community-driven approach to support vaccination for racial and ethnic groups that experience disparities in vaccination, as well as the greater Wayne community. This community-driven messaging will include outreach community and clinical partnership such as: local schools and early child education centers, faith-based organizations, community coalitions, food pantries, and health systems.

This intervention will build on current activities and community engagement of the NKFM REACH grant, as well as build new partnerships and further deepen relationships. NKFM will also serve as a liaison to make flu shots more accessible to all. NKFM will collaborate with vaccine providers and trusted community locations in targeted areas to host mobile vaccine clinics.

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