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NKFM Switches from NAP SACC to Go NAPSACC

In May 2019, the NKFM team discovered Go NAPSACC at the DNPAO (Division of Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity) Conference in Atlanta. Go NAPSACC provides more resources and module topics (Nutrition, Physical Activity, Outdoor Play and Learning, Screen Time, Farm to ECE, Breastfeeding and Infant Feeding, and Oral Health) for centers to select from, and provides training for professional development opportunities.

In order to provide Go NAPSACC, there is an annual fee of $30,000. On October 10, 2019, Megan Shedd of Michigan State University Center for Regional Food Systems, reached out to NKFM as they were seeking another partner to contribute funds toward Go NAPSACC. In collaboration with the Michigan Department of Education (MDE), Michigan State University Extension (MSUE) and Michigan State University Center for Regional Food Systems, NKFM contracted with the University of North Carolina’s Go NAPSACC program, which officially launched statewide on November 1, 2019. MDHHS is also a part of the collaborative, but not a current investor.

This collaborative holds monthly calls with Go NAPSACC staff as a Technical Assistance resource. As a provider that is paid into the collaborative, the NKFM has administrative access to all Michigan Go NAPSACC data. The contact through Go NAPSACC provides monthly reports of updates and trends that are Michigan specific.

History of NKFM and NAP SACC
Beginning in 2008, the NKFM worked in collaboration with Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) to be the first providers to deliver the original University of North Carolina (UNC) at Chapel Hill’s NAP SACC program. NAP SACC (Nutrition and Physical Activity Self-Assessment for Child Care) offered self-assessment, action planning, and educational tools. These tools helped childcare programs prioritize, plan, and make improvements to their healthy eating and physical activity practices, policies, and environments. The NKFM Early Childhood Team trained local technical assistance providers as NAP SACC Consultants. They used these paper-based tools (no web-based option) to coach programs through the Four Steps of NAP SACC.
Michigan NAP SACC

Around 2011/2012- UNC gave the rights to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS), to create the online tool for Michigan’s statewide version of NAP SACC, which included two modules focusing on nutrition (which includes breastfeeding) and physical activity (which includes screen time). The online tool used for Michigan NAP SACC is MI Health Tools (

The organizations that consistently used Michigan NAP SACC included NKFM and MSUE (Michigan State University Extension). Now, these partners have collaborated to transition their NAP SACC efforts to Go NAPSACC, effective November 1, 2019.

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