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REACH Your Best Health in Wayne, MI

Wayne (48184)

Through the REACH project, the NKFM partners with community organizations and stakeholders to improve policies, systems, and environmental conditions that impact health, particularly among African Americans and Latinx populations, who experience disproportionate risk of chronic diseases and socioeconomic disparities. The strategies the NKFM is focusing on to bring impact to these communities are Nutrition, Physical Activity, Breastfeeding, and Community Clinical Linkages.

In October 2019, the NKFM collected data about the three communities and where they are with the focused strategies. Below is a comprehensive snapshot about Wayne, Michigan.

Wayne has a population of 17,643 people, with 15.7% African American and 2.9% Hispanic American. More than 20% of individuals living in Wayne live below poverty.

  • Total Population


  • Total % Diabetes


  • Total % Obesity


  • # of African Americans


  • Total % Diabetes


  • Total % Obesity


  • # of Hispanics


  • Total % Diabetes


  • Total % Obesity


There are several key players that are involved in Wayne: Healthy Wayne, City of Wayne, Ford Motor Company Michigan Assembly Plant, Wayne RESA, The Senior Alliance, Wayne-Westland Community Schools, Beaumont Hospital Wayne, HYPE Athletics and, Friends of the Rouge

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There used to be a community garden in Wayne, but it no longer exists. There is also no Farmers Market available in the city. Beaumont’s Healthy Wayne Coalition implemented a Menu Review at Karma Coffee, which helped them now offer healthy options. Many fast food restaurants, coney islands, and pizza places might make it challenging for other restaurants to go through this process. Wayne is looking to attract new businesses.

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Physical Activity:

The Built Environment team at Healthy Wayne improved new play scape and plans to install mileage markers at Attwood Park. There is an active Bike Club and the Bike shop in Wayne rents bikes to residents. There is also a desire for a walking club in Wayne.

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Wayne residents trust health professionals for breastfeeding information, yet there are gaps in breastfeeding education and information on what resources are available.

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Community Clinical Linkages:

Wayne is not well-informed of any existing linkages in their community.

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